LUGs meeting

The Peterborough Linux Users Group holds its meetings on the first Tuesday of every month.

A Warm Welcome to all Guests

The Peterborough Linux Users Group is open to anyone who has an interest in GNU/Linux*.

We have over fifty members and meet once a month.

We have a mailing list where you can post your questions about Linux.

You do not have to be a “techie” or even involved in the IT industry.

Please feel welcome to come to our meetings to listen to the talks and discuss Linux with other members.

*Where you see Linux on these pages it usually refers to GNU/Linux.

This months PLUG meeting (on every Tuesday) will be held in the board room of the London Internet Exchange, offices located at The Green, Woodford .
I would just like to confirm that anyone is welcome, even if you have never posted to the mailing list before. Our meetings have an informal style, and you will generally get the best experience if you bring at least one computer. Connectivity is available.

The car park entrance is visible here:

Please use street view to navigate your route, the postal code is IG8 0NF. As there are currently no CCTV streams available to me, I can not see who is waiting to be let in.

You are encouraged to contribute 0.50GBP/person to keep the bottled soft drink initiative alive. Coffee & tea-making facilities will be provided as usual. A fridge is also available for any additional drinks that you may want to bring.

To confirm, kettle leads, figure-of-8 power leads & VGA flat screens can be provided as required. USB & PS/2 keyboards are also available on site.

Door opens 19:00 for a 20:00 start. Please do not show up before then in order to allow office staff to leave and the room to be set up.