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    Our mailing list is where you can share information about Linux with other members. You’ll be able to ask Linux related questions. Please note that this list can get quite lively at times and you may receive a lot of emails. If you just want to be kept informed of meeting dates then the web site is the place to be. If you want to take a full and active part in the group then do join the list. Thanks.


    You can subscribe to our Mailing List by visiting our Mailman Page. Please follow the instructions on the Mailman Page.


    You can unsubscribe from our Mailing List by visiting the same page. If you experience problems unsubscribing from this list please contact us.


    Please feel free to post your Linux related queries to the list. However, there are a few things we don’t accept.

    • No personal abuse. Mailing lists sometimes involve heated discussions which degenerate into slanging matches. This is unacceptable.
    • No HTML. Some of our users will be using console mail readers. It can very difficult to read your message if it’s punctuated with HTML tags. A lot of Unix/Linux gurus will use this type of reader so if you want an answer from someone in the know then this is probably in your own interest.
    • No Profanity. At all. No excuses, No exceptions. No asterisks. RTFM is acceptable but beyond that, you’re out of here.

    This is a Linux related list.Please don’t ask questions about Paint Shop Pro (unless you are trying to run it under Wine). If you have something that you feel may be of interest but isn’t strictly Linux related then preface the title with an OT (Off Topic) tag. Some of our people may be handling a lot of mail and they don’t want to wade through loads of unrelated stuff because they don’t have the time.