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Technology has hit a whole new level where mobile apps are an integral part of our day to day activities. We use them in all manner of ways but what matters is if they are effective for use. Here are a few mobile apps developers that are quite effective.


This is a platform is a software development kit or tool that is introduced by Xamarin Software Company. This software development tool consists of Xamarin Android and Xamarin iOS which enable programmers to write code in C# for making Android, iOS and Window applications by using Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio. Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or Xamarin Studio that is also used for developing Android, iOS and Window applications but it uses simulator or device for debugging or running applications. Xamarin Studio is also an integrated development environment (IDE) that is used for developing mobile applications and is part of Xamarin software development platform.

This software development tool enables software programmers to write only one programming application for multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows app etc). The code can be shared across multiple platforms for developing these apps. It allows the reuse of code to developers for making these applications (Android, iOS and Window apps) without any hard work.

This software development kit/tool saves a lot of time of software programmers. As the code can be used across multiple platforms, the programmer writes code only once for making applications. The programmer does not need to write code for any app more than once. All this will saves the time of programmers and also reduce the price of making various applications.

Xamarin based applications are efficient, fast and can run on all platforms and you do not need to worry about the platform for writing programming applications. You just need to concentrate on your app instead of a platform and all this depends on its core library to handle. Xamarin tool uses C# language to write applications of Android, iOS and Window apps which consists of native user interfaces. This language is very popular and easy to write. These applications with native interfaces fulfill the expectations of users or customers and also provide the expected results.

Xamarin is used by hundreds of thousands of programmers around all over the world for developing Android, iOS, and other Window applications. This platform is decreasing the gaps between multiple platforms in order to develop reliable and high-quality applications at the reasonable price. There is a chance that Xamarin platform will have a bright future very soon due to all of its features.



This is a mobile app development platform which is also known as Apache Cordova, an open source development framework that helps programmers build cross platform mobile applications. PhoneGap employs a jacket function to extend CSS, HTML and JavaScript code to work natively on Windows, iOS, and Android mobile operating systems. Which results into a hybrid web based app with a native feel. The HTML, CSS, and JS codes are rendered over the mobile device’s web browser for creating an application that can imitate native User Interfaces (UI).

Moreover, the mobile web browser gains access to native device APIs, blending native and hybrid code fragments to provide an application with a native User Experience (UE). Through HTML and CSS coding, developers can make mobile applications similar to mobile websites. Programming various CSS themes makes the web content look same as native apps on particular OS. Using multiple UI frameworks like Kendo UI, JQuery UI and Sencha further simplifies the UI groundwork. PhoneGap is browser based that performs accurately how a web browser is expected to work and makes UI programming a bit flexible.

PhoneGap is extended with native plug­ins that enable developers to add functionality which can be brought from JavaScript, by allowing for direct connection within the native layer and HTML page. The nucleus of the PhoneGap engine depends on the Open Source Apache Cordova platform. It facilitates app developers to program hybrid applications which have access to devices API. These API include camera, accelerometer, compass, contacts, notifications, geolocation and storage functions which apps use to improve an experience. When using PhoneGap framework, one can build an application without using native coding. Cordova uses JS libraries to invoke device and operating system specific actions.

As Mobile Technology is influencing the business process and it’s also giving competitive advantage in cutthroat competition. This is the reason PhoneGap app developers in India and in the world are restlessly working towards developing the PhoneGap mobile application to minimize the distance between demand and supply of technology. A business owner should consider using the PhoneGap platform and technology for mobile application development projects. There are versatile platforms to develop a mobile application. An iPhone market share is dwindling while Android and Windows 8 are growing. Usually, if anyone wants to have an application for multiple or cross dominant mobile platforms, need to build a separate app for each one. It is because each of the major mobile platforms has its own coding language. In some cases, designs and user interfaces can reuse, but the code cannot be. PhoneGap can save a lot of time and money because once building an app then make some modifications to get it work smoothly on the several platforms. PhoneGap makes the process more efficient by applying the theme of the building once and deploying everywhere. PhoneGap permits to develop and publish an application across multiple mobile platforms quickly and without a lot of extra labor. This is the largest advantage of PhoneGap development tool, supports for all major platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian etc. such diverse compatibility facilitates easy to create apps with a single code and runs on different mobile platforms. The main benefit of PhoneGap is, it saves time and money.


If you need a mobile app you may look at one of the many iPhone application development apps available today and ensure you get the best one.

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