What is Linux?

As one of the most used and best known operating systems, Linux has been in existence since the mid-90s. It has since reached a huge user base including continents and several industries. From Roku devices to refrigerators, phones to cars Linux is literally everywhere. It currently runs most of the supercomputers, internet and the world stock exchanges thereby making major scientific breakthroughs. However, before it became the major platform for servers, desktops, and embedded systems it was one of the most reliable, secure, and the best-operating systems available. But what is Linux

Just like the Mac OS X, Windows XP, windows, 7, 8 and 10, Linux is also an operating system. An operating system refers to a software that takes care of all the resources associated with laptop, desktops, or tablets. It’s actually a software that is situated underneath all the software in a computer receiving inquiries and relaying them to the computer hardware so that they can be processed. Without the OS or the operating system, the software cannot work. The OS is made up of a number of features including

· The Kernel– This refers to just one small part that makes Linux. It’s not only the main system but also manages the memory, CPU, and peripheral devices. It’s actually the lowest level of OS.

· The Bootloader- This the main software that takes care of your machine. To most people, it’s the splash screen that pops out and eventually disappears when the system is booting.

· Graphic server– Also known as the x server, it refers to the system that allows graphics to be displayed on your computer.

· The shell– The shell refers to the command processor that allows you to control the computer. Although it initially scared people away from Linux, this is no longer the case. If you have a modern desktop Linux, you don’t have to touch the command line.

· Applications– Just like the Mac and the Windows, Linux also provides a variety of high-quality software titles that can be downloaded and installed. A majority of Linux distributions include tools that simplify and centralize application installation. For instance, there is the Ubuntu Linux that has software that can allow you to quickly search and install the apps from one centralized location.

· Desktop environment– This is what the users interact with while using the computer. There are different types of environments including the KDE, XFCE, Unity, Enlightenment, GNOME, and Cinnamon. Each environment has built-in applications such as web browsers, file managers, configuration tools, and games.

Why Linux is good

Why should you use Linux instead of other operating systems? Why should you bother to learn and use a new operating system when other operating systems such as windows and the Mac works just fine? Well, before moving to Linux you need to ask yourself whether the system that you are using works well or you are constantly dealing with malware, virus, crashes, slowdowns, licensing fees, and expensive repairs.

If you are experiencing any of these and want a system that can help keep your data well then Linux is the best one to choose. Having evolved as one of the most reliable systems with reliability and zero cost, it will provide you with the best solution for your laptop or desktop platform. As compared to other systems it’s free. The good thing is that you can install it in as many machines as possible without paying any fee or securing any license for the server. More so, it’s also an open software hence the code used to create it is free.

As compared to other operating systems such as the windows server 2012 you will realize that the price of windows can even go up to $1200. Mind you, this is not inclusive of licenses and CALS for other software that you may also need to run such as web server, database, and mail server. When it comes to Linux, everything is free and very easy to install hence you don’t have to worry. As matter of fact, if you want to install a complete web server you just need to click or command and you are good to go.

More so, as a system administrator, you will realize that using it is one of the best things that could have happened to you. For instance, you don’t have to pester servers anymore. Once you set it well you can even forget about it. However, if at all it needs to be serviced it just requires restarting, reconfiguring, and upgrading.

From zero cost to the server there are a lot of things that will convince you to use this amazing server. Whether you will use it for over 20 years you will never experience any issue with viruses, malware or even unwarranted computer slowdowns. Believe or not, but it’s a very stable system. Unless the kernel is updating, it can also go for years without rebooting. This just shows that it’s both reliable and stable.

How it’s distributed

The distribution of Linux usually takes place under an open source license which follows the following guidelines

· There is freedom to run it for any purpose.
· There is freedom to study how it functions and alter it to become what you want.
· The freedom to distribute it around so that you can help another person who needs help.
· The freedom to distribute your modified version.

How you can start using Linux

Although there are high chances that you are already using it without knowing if you’d like to install it you only need to pick a popular distributor designed for your laptop or desktop and then try it out. Although there are a variety of distributions available, older distributions are ideal especially if you are a beginner. The good thing is that in case you get stuck, you can always get some help.

Knowing these is very important especially if you want to understand those who came together to develop it. It’s, therefore, one of the best-operating systems created by the people for the people. These are also some of the reasons why a large number of people use it.